Campaign Information

The world of Xinirsa is one in a constant battle between chaos and law, the old ways and the new ways. The side of chaos is lead by the fey, nigh immortal beings of raw magic and tied to the primal powers that created the world. The side of law is lead by the downtrodden common folk who seek peace and prosperity.

The last great clash between both sides ended 700 years ago when an orcish hero named Gruumsh slayed the fey king and lead the common folk in liberating their lands. Since then, the common folk have split into three major countries; the Dragon Empire to the west, the Hundred Beast Kingdoms in the East, and in between the Common Lands.

For years, talk of war between either of the three countries was spoken of in hushed whispers, but these whispers ended in the years of the Player Characters’ birth… when the fey would rise from their ancient hiding places to strike against the common folk.

The day seemed ordinary enough… however, as the sun rose that morning, it illuminated the misty island that the fey had been driven to as it lifted skyward like a massive ship. The air around the island wavered with arcane magics as it slowly moved inland towards the hub of the common folks’ existence – the Port City Daranez. The holy city of Aver was the closest to the flying island, and using their divine magics sent an emergency contingent of holy warriors to strike against the fey as they began to raze the land from their flying island.

As the sun set on that bizarre day, the sky was illuminated by a great burst of white light – more pure than the sun, moon or stars themselves – and the island began to plummet. Whichever great spell was cast was not enough to destroy the island, but it had halted it’s advance on Daranez… at the cost of shattering the trade roads of Aver from the Common Lands.

Now, in the modern age, the Common Lands have become a violent and terrifying place, as arcane magics run wild through the ancient forests, reawakening ancient fey allies and mutating creatures into aberrant forms. The lack of communication from Aver in the past season has sent the common folk into a panic, and the Dragon Empire as well as the Hundred Beast Kingdoms grow restless at the upheaval of the Common Lands.

However, in Daranez, a wealthy merchant seeks adventurers to solve a little problem in one of his inn basements. The price is rather substantial – 500 gold for a party of 5, the offer is good for any of the common folk from any land as long as they keep civil about it – Fredarik has a reputation to uphold, after all!


Jack, Human Ranger
“Kira, Tengu Rogue”:
Rivelle, Aasimar Cleric
“Tarek, Half-Orc Paladin”: